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Provides first class parking at a great price. Our experienced staff will show your guests the foremost in service and style.


We don't stop at parking services...

VIP Valet Services has the resources and training to fulfill any staffing requirement. From coat check attendants and greeters to licensed security guards and shuttle bus drivers, we can provide staff and management for virtually any position. We also offer a Designated Driver Service, whereby we drive the guest home in his/her vehicle and follow behind in one of our vehicles. This service protects your establishment and allows the guest to have a safe option to get home with their vehicle. Although VIP Valet has grown to one of the largest valet parking providers in the DFW area, we strive to maintain the level of service responsible for our growth and success in the hospitality industry. Call today to find out how outsourcing your staff can save you time and promote efficiency in your organization.